On Monday morning the children in Team R were so excited to see all the Christmas decorations in the classroom! We have done lots of fun learning: we wrapped up presents, created our own christmas trees with handprints, designed and built our own sleighs, we created our own elves, we sang lots of  Christmas songs… Read More

This week has been the last week of the topic Knights, Dragons and Castles. The  children were a little bit sad because they enjoyed it so much but at the same time they are really excited about starting a new one!! This week we have been reading the story ´The Knight Who Wouldn´t Fight’. The… Read More

This week has been Technology Week and the children in Team Reception enjoyed using the iPads across the week to help them with their  learning! We linked technology to this week´s story, ‘The Sword in The Stone’, and the children had a go at using the app ‘ChatterPix’ to record themselves taking on the role… Read More

Team Reception had a very busy week! We started learning all about Remembrance Day and carried on with acrostic poems. They all had a go at writing their own poppies acrostic poem. The children enjoyed making poppies using different art techniques and materials, and they showed lots of respect during our 1 minute silence to… Read More

This week in Team R we have been learning all about the 5th of November, Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot! We started the week doing sparklers in the outdoor area and watched some impressive videos of fireworks! We discussed the sounds, colours, smell and how it made us feel. All of this… Read More

This week Team R have been  busy doing lots of learning. Our focus-story has been ´George´s Dragon’. The children enjoyed talking and writing about what they would do if they had a pet dragon. For Art this week Team R  made lovely stained glass windows to decorate our classroom and little dragons made out of… Read More

This week  Team R did a really good job at operating as a team. They did lots of new learning and helped and praised each other for trying really hard. The children used ten-frames to practice counting up to 20 as well as they enjoyed  looking for different ways of making 6 on the interactive whiteboard. To… Read More

This week the children in Team Reception have enjoyed reading the story ´The Paper Bag Princess´ by Robert Munsch. They were so brave and had a go at acting out the story in role of the Dragon, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Ronald in front of the class! Team R  also gave free rein to their… Read More

This week  the children in Team R have started a new topic, ‘Knights, Dragons and Castles’. What a surprise it was finding the classroom turned into a castle! The children have enjoyed playing in the new role-play area, dressing up and acting out their own stories. Team R had a busy week doing lots of… Read More

Team R have done a fantastic job this week. They are used to the school routines and rules now so this week they have been doing lots of new learning! For the last week of ‘Ourselves’  topic the children learned all about the 5 senses. They had the opportunity to smell and taste different things… Read More