This week has been the last week of the topic Knights, Dragons and Castles. The  children were a little bit sad because they enjoyed it so much but at the same time they are really excited about starting a new one!!

This week we have been reading the story ´The Knight Who Wouldn´t Fight’. The children not only loved Leo, the main character, but they really enjoyed the rhyming in the story. In fact, they did a brilliant job at rhyming and at thinking about words that could rhyme with different objects from the story such as knight.


On Friday they had a go at acting out the story taking on the role of different  characters. What a fantastic job!

In our maths sessions we have been learning about what is one less than a number, and although it was a little bit tricky at the beginning with perseverance and hard work the children became really good at it. We sang five little speckled frogs,  found out which picture had fewer items on it and read the shopping basket to practice our new concept.


For Art this week we have focused on illustrations, we talked about Thomas Doherty, this week´s story illustrator, and looked at the lovely and colourful illustrations he made. The children had a go at making their own ones. They decided the colours they wanted to use and even what the characters were saying.

Team R is now looking forward to starting our new topic, ‘The Christmas Story’.