This week as part of World Book Day we did lots of different activities to celebrate how much we love books and reading.

One of this activities was a drama workshop based on our focus story ´The Very Hungry Caterpillar´. The children really enjoyed pretending they were a big fat caterpillar after they had eaten their favourite food! They did excellent listening and operated as a team! They also built the cocoon where the caterpillar stayed before becoming a beautiful butterfly. The children really thought about the movements they could use to pretend they were flying.

In addition, Team R was really excited about having Team 4 in our class to do ´buddy reading´! Team 4 chose stories for the children in Team R and even created a book review  for their book! The children in Team Reception loved it! Thank you Team 4!

On Friday we had a very special assembly and enjoyed looking at each other´s costumes! The teachers also chose a winner for the book competition in KS2, KS1 and EYFS. It was really hard to decide since all the children put so much effort into it!

In Team Reception we had lots of princesses from different traditional stories and superheroes! The teachers went as the character from Alice in Wonderland.  We had such a great time reading the story  and discussing all about Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic.

Well done Team Reception!