Team 1 have been consolidating all their maths learning by playing some maths games using lots of different resources. They have been playing ‘Hit the Button’ for their number bonds, ‘Gladiator Maths’ for their place value and using counters to see who is the quickest to make an array. The competition between them all is… Read More

Even though it has been a short week, Team 1 have started this term with some fantastic activities. One of these was a ‘Hats of Faith’ assembly where they learnt about faith-based head-coverings worn by different people. They were also introduced to the Penny Appeal Charity work and were able to look around the ‘Penny… Read More

   Team 1 have been learning about materials and their properties.  As part of this, they have been learning the terms ‘transparent’ and ‘opaque’. In this lesson they were sorting various objects into these two groups. They then had to explain to the rest of the class why they had believed they were correct.… Read More

Team 1 have been learning about the human body. As part of this they have been naming different body parts and learning all about their senses.… Read More

Team 1 are learning to write a set of instructions. As a way of introducing this genre of writing they had to follow a set of instructions to make a fruit pizza. They carefully followed each step, and were all very pleased with the finished result!… Read More

Team 1 have been learning all about reptiles as part of their ‘animals’ topic. Today they had a go at making their own reptile skin. They used play dough and split peas to recreate the texture of a reptile. Once they had finished we closed our eyes and felt the ‘skin’ to help us image… Read More

This week Team 1 have been using the ipads to understand what we mean when we talk about something being 3D. They used Quiver, the 3D augmented reality colouring app, to bring a bird picture to life. They coloured in the bird and then downloaded it to the app where they were then able to… Read More

Team 1 have now started  art lessons with our specialist art teacher Ms Janssen. They are beginning to make their own papier mache fish to tie in with their topic this term which is ‘Animals’. I can’t wait to see their wonderful creations which will be displayed for everyone to admire.… Read More

Team 1 have begun the Spring term with a flying start. They are really excited about their new topic ‘Animals – including humans’. They have been naming animals and placing them in different groups. I am amazed at their fantastic enthusiasm and can’t wait to continue the learning journey with them.  … Read More

What a full week Team 1 have had! First we had the school concert, then we were lucky enough to watch Team Reception’s fabulous nativity play and finally we had a visit from Father Christmas. Fortunately, everybody was on his ‘good list’ so all the children received a present. We hope you all have a… Read More