Team 1 have been busy learning all about the Terracotta Army. They have even had a go at making some of their own.… Read More

We were so lucky today to have Alexander’s mother treat us all to a lesson in the art of Chinese calligraphy. It was so interesting to learn how certain words are written and see the beauty of each brushstroke. She even brought in some special hand made brushes to help us create out own lettering!… Read More

With such hot weather this week, Team 1 were pleased to have a lesson in which they got wet. They were learning all about capacity and volume – and how to stay cool!  … Read More

Team 1 had a terrific treat yesterday when children from  Thomas’s Fulham came and read to the class. They also allowed each pupil to choose two books to take home with them .… Read More

Team 1 have been very ‘hands on’ in maths this week. They have been using their balance scales to compare the weights of different objects.… Read More

Team 1 had fantastic Golden Day yesterday. This was a well deserved treat for all the fantastic learning and beautiful behaviour they have been demonstrating. They did loads of fun activities, and the party even ended up with Gary leading a conga!… Read More

As you can see, the beans that Team 1 are busy growing are doing amazingly well. They will be bringing them home with then next week, and hopefully together you can plant them into pots and continue to watch them grow.… Read More

Team 1 have started this new term with great enthusiasm and excitement. They have already been involved in a drama workshop and have planted some beans. Will will post up some photos of the plant’s progress as soon as we start seeing them grow.… Read More

As part of their learning about numbers and place value, Team 1 was given the task of taking an inventory of objects in the classroom.… Read More