Team 1 welcomed their friends from Olive House again this week. And as part of our time together,  the Olive House residents were kind enough to be a critical audience for a dress rehearsal for our sharing assembly next week. They were very enthusiastic and encouraging, and helped us with some useful tips. They were… Read More

Today, Team 1 used all their acting skills in a drama workshop. They had to pretend to be tree frogs, whilst moving through the jungle. They had a great time and hopefully will be using some of the skills they learnt in their sharing assembly later this month!  … Read More

Yesterday, Team 1 were lucky enough to be involved in Thomas’s Primary School’s Community Day. As part of this, some of their Year 6 students came to Langford to read and share some wonderful books with the children. Not only did they read to small groups, but they also donated some fantastic books to the… Read More

Team 1 had a surprise visit from Mel and her six month old baby this morning. The children were overjoyed to meet David, and we even used it as an opportunity to put some of our maths learning into practise. David lay on Teams 1’s rug whilst we measured him against the metre stick!… Read More

Team 1 continued their weekly learning with the residents of Olive House. First we looked at the beans we had planted last week, to see if they were growing or not. Then we tried our hands at sewing, as we are intending to sew buttons onto our pearly hats very soon. Amazingly, one of the… Read More

Team 1 have bee learning about the changes that take place when a seed grows. This week we planted some beans, with the help of the residents of Olive House, and are keeping our fingers crossed that next week they will start to grow. All we need now is some sunshine!… Read More

As part of Team 1’s topic ‘Who lives in London?’, we were lucky enough to have a visit from some of the residents of Olive House. They explained what London was like when they were younger and told stories of what went on in their schools. They even helped Team 1 with learning The Lambeth… Read More

Team 1 had a fantastic trip today to the Natural History Museum. We continued learning about habitats with experiences such as – handling a lion’s skull, watching a puppet show and entering a reconstruction of a filthy house full of bugs – yuck!… Read More

Team 1 had a fantastic treat today.  Imperial College came to Langford and set  up their portable planetarium. The children entered the inflatable dome which then became the night sky, full of stars! They learnt about the different constellations and how the earth moves.… Read More

Team 1 had great fun during World Book Day. We shared our favourite books and listened to some fantastic stories. I was delighted to see the huge effort everyone went to with their costumes and the enthusiasm they showed for reading. Well done to the Team 1 book worms!… Read More