Team 1 had a fantastic trip to the Natural History Museum today. They started the day in the dinosaur section, followed by a look at all the wonderful fossils. They then had a Stegosaurus workshop where they  used replica fossils to identify key features of  a Stegosaurus and learn about its body shape. They also  constructed a ‘Stego-jigsaw-rus’… Read More

Team 1 have had some fantastic ‘hands on’ learning this week, as they continue with their dinosaurs topic. They have been studying different types of fossils and have been looking at some amazing examples of fossils in class. I can’t wait to see their faces when they go on their trip to the Natural History… Read More

As part of Langford’s ‘Technology Week’, Team 1 did some wonderful learning on the ipads. They used them to make the character they have been studying, The Lonely Beast, talk. They took a photo of him and then used ChatterPix Kids to record what they thought he would be saying and animated the picture to make… Read More

Team 1 have continued their ‘character descriptions’ about The Lonely Beast by trying to get to know him a little better. In one part of the story The Lonely Beast is interviewed for a television programme, and Team 1 discussed how this would be a good way to find out more about a character. They… Read More

Team 1 have been continuing their music lessons with our specialist music teacher, and this week they were able to use instruments for the first time! They played a simple tune and followed a syncopated rhythm. It was very impressive to see how quickly they were able to pick it up. There are definitely some… Read More

Team 1 are learning how to write a character description. In order to practise this, they played a ‘Guess the Character’ game. One child wore a hat with a character on it and the rest of the class had to give them clues to help them guess which character it was. There were some excellent… Read More

Team 1 have been busy learning about different ways to solve addition problems. They have been very ‘hands on’ using lots of different resources to help them. They even used a giant number line!  … Read More

Team 1 were delighted to welcome Marjorie and Bill, from the Royal Hospital Chelsea (The Chelsea Pensioners) yesterday. They told us all about what it means to be a Chelsea Pensioner and the importance of Remembrance Day. They even brought along some furry friends (toy bears) to help tell their stories!… Read More

Team 1 are currently learning how to sequence a narrative. As part of this they are learning the story of ‘Here Comes Jack Frost’ by Kazuno Kohara. To help familiarise themselves with the narrative, Team 1 have been acting out scenes from the book. We saw some wonderful acting skills in many of the scenes.… Read More

As part of their topic about the seasons, Team 1 have been learning how weather changes are brought about by different types of wind. They have learnt about the different points on a compass and also what a weather vane is. Today, they even got to see a real weather vane, because luckily enough there… Read More