Team 2 have been busy designing and building their own Tudor Houses. Why Tudor? Because that’s the style of buildings that burnt down in The Great Fire of London! Check out our video to see how they got on with their building.… Read More

Yesterday Team 2 made their own number line from 0 -100 using just their fingers. We had to work together to try to find out how many people we would need to borrow fingers from to reach all the way to 100! We then got together in groups to try using our fingers to make… Read More

Team 2 had a surprise visit today from a real fire fighter! We learnt all about how to stay safe from fire at home and at school and how to spot possible dangers. We are all going home tonight to make sure our adults check the fire alarms to keep us safe.… Read More

Team 2 are learning how to play the Ukulele in Music this term. They have also been learning about the importance of rhythm and beat whilst learning some new songs too!   … Read More

What an exciting start to our new topic – Oceania! Team 2 have been exploring the wonderful country of Australia. They have learnt some fantastic new songs about marsupials and in Geography, they have been comparing human and physical features of this vast country.… Read More

To complete our learning on ‘Telling the Time’ this week, Team 2 made their very own clocks in DT. They carefully labelled their clocks making sure that the numbers were in the correct place and then added their hour and minute hand, ensuring that one was longer than the other!… Read More

Today Team 2 had some exciting visitors and took part in a fantastic workshop all about recycling and caring for our planet. They made some wonderful musical instruments using recycled bottles and other materials.… Read More

Yesterday, we celebrated our growth mindset culture by taking part in activities that promoted our Langford learning muscles. What a fantastic day of learning!… Read More

Team 2 had a fantastic trip to London Zoo today. We took part in a life cycles workshop where the children dressed up and also managed to meet Colin the Cockroach! We met some very friendly penguins and some majestic giraffes!… Read More

This week in Team 2, the children have learnt some fantastic new computer skills! They worked together to create their very own e-books on the Ipads,  all about their favourite African animals.  They learnt how to insert media and change font sizes and background layouts.… Read More