Today we started our new art learning journey. We will be using a new technique – printing, to make repeated pattern. Our patterns will be inspired by living plants so today we went across to the gardens in the park to collect images of shapes that stood out to us. We used ipads to take… Read More

This week in Team 2 we have been learning about how to move in and give different directions. First, we went outside to listen and follow directions from our learning partners. We found this tricky at first but we didn’t give up and now we are more confident at describing movement using vocabulary such left… Read More

To celebrate all our excellent behaviour and brilliant attitude towards our learning, we had our golden day today! We got to go to the park for some ice-lollies and then got to play in the playground before having a picnic. Well done on another brilliant half term team 2!… Read More

This morning we got to visit the African jungle! We took part in a drama workshop where we got to play lots of fun and active drama games as well as turning into different wild animals to hide ourselves from potential dangers.… Read More

What a special treat we had today! We were very lucky to be part of Thomas’s school community day. This morning, a  group of year 6 children came to Langford to read with children in Teams Reception, 1 and 2. They also set up a book fair in the bottom hall where each child was… Read More

We went on a very exciting trip yesterday to Tower Bridge as part of our whole school ‘London’ topic. We got to learn about and see the engines that are used to lift the bridge up and down. We also got to climb all the way to the top and walk across the glass floor!… Read More

We had such a fun afternoon last week, learning all about how to stay safe outside. We are all now qualified road safety rangers and will be sharing our new knowledge with others to help keep them safe!  … Read More

We have started our new science topic in Team 2 this week. In our first lesson, we spoke about why people exercise and why it is good for us to stay fit and active. Some of us weren’t sure what happens to our bodies when we exercise so we went straight down to the playground… Read More

It has been a very exciting day for Team 2! We got to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum and learn even more about Florence, her life and her time during the Crimean War. It was wonderful to hear the class share what they already knew and also ask great questions to extend their learning.… Read More