We are reaching the end of our English learning journey and are now publishing our final piece of writing in our computing lessons. We are learning how to use Microsoft word to insert text and pictures as well as changing the size and colour of the text to grab our readers attention.… Read More

Today in English we worked together to suggest ways to improve our writing. We thought closely about the effect we wanted to create for our reader and how we could best achieve this. There were lots of great suggestions and it brilliant to hear a few debates about certain improvements being discussed around the room!… Read More

Today we got to use an atlas to explore countries in Europe as part of our new topic. We had to try to locate and find countries in the atlas as well as answer questions based on what we found.… Read More

We had a special visitor at school today who had travelled a very long way just to see us. We got to ask him all about his reindeer’s and double check that he had received our Christmas letters!  … Read More

Team 2 are nearly at the end of their art learning journey. They have been busy designing, planning and building their own Tudor houses! They are very excited to show off their final pieces very soon!… Read More

Yesterday we had a visit from the London Fire Brigade. We learnt all about what to do if ever there is a fire and how to stay safe. Thank you to Ruthy from the LFB for teaching us who to call and what to do in the event of a fire.… Read More

Team 2 are coming to end of their English learning journey. Today we finished writing the 1st draft of our amazing newspaper articles about the Great Fire of London. After we finished, we worked in pairs to suggest improvements and share our favourite parts with each other. It was great to see some children using… Read More

Team 2 worked together as a class this morning to suggest ways to improve each others learning. We thought about the impact we were trying to create on our reader and ways in which we could achieve this. Suggestions ranged from missing capital letters for proper nouns to adding a rhetorical question!… Read More

Team 2 became maths detectives again today when investigating multiples of 3. There were lots of great discussions and brilliant mistakes by some children trying to spot a pattern too quickly. It was wonderful to see learning partners working together to explain and reason their findings.… Read More