We have been learning lots about the properties of materials in Science. Today we had to use our new knowledge to organise materials based on their properties and then complete an interactive quiz. It was great to see lots of new scientific vocabulary flying around the classroom! If you want to have a go at… Read More

Yesterday, Team 2 went on a hunt around the school to find objects made from different materials as part of our Science topic. It was great to hear the children discussing the properties of different materials to convince their learning partner about which materials they thought they had found.… Read More

We started our new science topic today in Team 2. We began by sorting lots of different materials using a Venn diagram. We couldn’t agree on just one way to sort the materials and so decided to explore a range of options, trying hard to use our scientific vocabulary to explain our reasoning.… Read More

Team 2 got to visit St.Pauls Cathedral today to learn more about different places of worship and also visit the building that was burnt down during our topic, the Great Fire of London. As usual, the Team were brilliantly behaved and really impressed our tour guide with their amazing knowledge about the Great Fire.  … Read More

Team 2 have been busy designing and building their own Tudor Houses. Why Tudor? Because that’s the style of buildings that burnt down in The Great Fire of London! Check out our video to see how they got on with their building.… Read More

Yesterday Team 2 made their own number line from 0 -100 using just their fingers. We had to work together to try to find out how many people we would need to borrow fingers from to reach all the way to 100! We then got together in groups to try using our fingers to make… Read More

Team 2 had a surprise visit today from a real fire fighter! We learnt all about how to stay safe from fire at home and at school and how to spot possible dangers. We are all going home tonight to make sure our adults check the fire alarms to keep us safe.… Read More

Team 2 are learning how to play the Ukulele in Music this term. They have also been learning about the importance of rhythm and beat whilst learning some new songs too!   … Read More

What an exciting start to our new topic – Oceania! Team 2 have been exploring the wonderful country of Australia. They have learnt some fantastic new songs about marsupials and in Geography, they have been comparing human and physical features of this vast country.… Read More