This week, Team 3 have learning about the life of the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) and why leaders like this are important in religions like Islam.… Read More

We have learnt how to use and iPad app called Comics Head Lite. We used it to design a comic about to make a mummy!… Read More

We have been learning about ancient Egypt. At the British Museum, we found  what ancient Egypt was like. We looked at what happened to dead people. “They would turn pharaohs into mummies, ” said Yeraldin.               We completed a book of challenges!… Read More

In RE, we learnt about Humanism. We learnt about who humanists are and how they live a good life without god. We were even lucky enough to have a guest speaker who told us even more about life as a humanist.… Read More

We’ve been testing different rocks to find one suitable for building a monument like Stonehenge.            … Read More

We have spent our DT lesson learning how to use clay to make models. Look at our Stonehenge Trilithons!… Read More

We started our new writing journey trying to follow instructions for a cool card trick. However, it proved rather difficult without the steps in order and no pictures to guide us. But we did it in the end!… Read More

We’ve been enjoying learning more about the differences and similarities in Latin and English. In Latin the order of words don’t matter but in English they do!… Read More

Team 3 were excited to listen to the new song they will be learning this term in music. They can’t wait to learn the recorders and sticks!  … Read More