We were looking at the meaning of equivalent then, with our partners, we tried to find some equivalent fractions.… Read More

Yesterday, we celebrated our growth mindset culture by taking part in activities that promoted our Langford learning muscles. What a fantastic day of learning!… Read More

Team 3 have been using their times table facts to operate as a team to solve multiplication problems.                                                   … Read More

Team 3 explored the wonders of ancient Egypt  at the British Museum. They practiced their sketching skills and found artifacts used in mummification!    As as well as found artifacts linked to mummy making!  … Read More

Letters to Santa

          Over the last few days, we have been learning how to write an informal letter. We decided that we wanted to write to Santa to ask him about how he delivers so many presents and to ask him for a gift or two! This morning, we popped to our local… Read More