We’ve finished making our model of the River Thames and it is now outside Mr Gibbon’s office. Why not come and check it out! Will you be able to spot the famous building and landmarks?    … Read More

We have been making a model of the River Thames including some of the surrounding buildings.               When it’s done, why don’t you come and see which famous buildings you can identify?!  … Read More

We went to the museum to learn about Docklands.   The museum was originally a sugar warehouse. During the war, the bombs burnt the warehouse and turned the sugar into toffee! The West and East India Docks were  used to allow ships to wait and unload stock like sugar.… Read More

We have been studying the Victorian artist, William Morris. We are now creating our our tapestries by weaving thread just like they did in the Victorian era!        … Read More

We are now in our third week of learning about the Latin language and culture. It’s been cool finding out the Latin origins of English words. We even picked Latin names for ourselves!… Read More

We have heard from so many different professionals about their jobs and their journeys to this point. Some of us didn’t know soldiers could be musicians or that women could be engineers. We’ve been inspired to think about what we might like to do in the future!  … Read More

Team 3 had a very interesting day experiencing school has a Victorian child. Some of us though it was very strict and boring just reciting times tables and wearing the dunce hat! We spent the morning copying from the chalkboard and learning about The Empire. We tried very hard to remember the names of all… Read More

We went to the Wonderlab at the Science Museum and had lots of fun trying, playing and exploring science. We went on friction testing slides, we went on pulley chairs and saw a show all about electricity.… Read More