On our school trip, we learnt that clay was used in the Neolithic Age to make pottery. However we are going to use clay to make a Neolithic monument, just like Stonehenge! Today, we practiced different techniques to create a WMG using clay list.     … Read More

We have started learning how to add numbers mentally. Today, we practiced using base 10 to partion numbers in order to add.  … Read More

We have started our new writing genre, instructions. On Monday, we learnt to read and follow instructions. Chronological steps are important to get it right!   The next day, we began finding the key features needed for instructions.   We can’t wait to send our instructions to the Natural History Musuem!… Read More

Team 3 had a great start to music lessons this week learning a note on recorders and using musical language!   … Read More

We had an amazing time exploring what life was like in the Stone Age at the Archaeological Archives!           We learned more about Mesolithic hunters and their flint tools.          As well as tools used by farmers to grind their grains in the Neolithic Ages.     … Read More

Team 3 were so excited to be starting this new year. We’ve spent our first week sharing the best parts of our summer holidays, thinking about our wishes for the new school year and getting to know one another. We’ve also been remind ourselves how to be good learners and showing no fear in tackling… Read More

We’ve learnt quite a lot about how water travels in plants. This is the picture from day 2 This is from day 3 And this is from day 4 The plant had been ‘sucking the water like tiny straws’!… Read More

We are learning about flowers. Today we started our investigation on how plants ‘drink’ water.                   Watch this space for our progress!… Read More

We made a WMG measuring mass and explored reading scales with different units of measure and intervals.… Read More