We built our “emotional intelligence” today with a fun video about how our emotions can be very powerful! Ask your child about “The Beast” and watch the video here.… Read More

In preparation for World Book Day, Team 4 have been busy with various activities to develop a love for reading. In the library, they worked in pairs to complete a scavenger hunt based on book settings. Today they came in dressed up as various book characters…                  … Read More

  “Today Team 4 and Team 1 met some space experts. They came from Imperial Collage of London.  When we got inside the dome we looked at the stars and looked at Orion’s Belt.  ” Anaya, Team 4 “We had an amazing experience in a planetarium!” Alejandra J, Team 4 “It felt like an adventure… Read More

Today, pupils at Langford celebrated and flexed their ‘Learning Muscles’!  “When I was doing the wire challenge it made me learn from my mistakes because it was tricky and I kept trying until I got the hang of it’” – Razan, Team 4 ” In the paper tower activity, I showed lots of imagination and teamwork… Read More

As part of Careers Week and our Design & Technology topic, ‘Toy Story’, Team 4 visited Fuse, a toy invention company. They were very excited to discover how a toy design studio operates, to meet the experts and to get some ideas for their own projects.  The children were shown examples of toys with different mechanisms… Read More

This week, Team 4 have been learning more about factor pairs and multiplication strategies to help them solve problems. They have investigated ways to multiply more than two numbers and learnt and revised terms in Maths. Some pupils used counters to make arrays when solving different factor bugs.     We found out that: “Factor Pairs… Read More

This afternoon in Science, Team 4 were busy investigating the difference between insulators and conductors. They chose different materials to test with their learning partner and used their knowledge of electrical circuits to discover what materials conduct or insulate electricity.   “Electrical insulators are materials that don’t pass electricity from thing to another.  The plastic keeps you safe… Read More

Team 4 put lots of effort into re-drafting and publishing their poems this week. In Computing, we experimented with the green screen app DoInk to record our finished recipes poems, just like Jamie Oliver!… Read More

Team 4 love visiting the library! Lots of children have wanted to read more of the extracts shared during our whole class reading sessions. The Killer Cat series & Flour Babies by Anne Fine have been very popular in Team 4!… Read More