As an exciting start to our new topic, Team 4 visited the Museum of London and made a new friend… “Today we saw a real Viking! We discovered that Vikings raided towns and made Anglo-Saxons pay them money to leave.” –  Jayden, Team 4 “We went to visit a man so he could tell us all… Read More

Team 4 had a thought provoking visit from Jake, a representative from the local authority Prevent team.  He discussed the importance of valuing differences. The children learned new terminology and reflected on their own identity and what makes them unique.   “Today I learnt more about the word equality and how everyone should be equal” –… Read More

As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, Team 4 have been studying artefacts. Much of what we know about the Anglo-Saxons comes from graves like the one discovered at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. In 1939, archaeologists explored the largest mound (hill) and discovered a ship buried in the mound… But who was buried in the ship?… Read More

  “On Wednesday, we were ‘stepping in to the shoes’ of characters from Beowulf. When I was in the hot seat, I was Grendel’s Mum. When it was other people’s turn to go in the hot seat, I asked them questions whilst they were in role.”        – Dylan, Team 4… Read More

Here are some examples of Team 4’s homework challenge last week. They could choose to create a WANTED poster for a character in Beowulf or show part of the story from the epic poem. The dragon was a popular choice! When we shared our learning in class, Team 4 were particularly impressed with those who drafted their work… Read More

Today Team 4 had a visit from an Anglo-Saxon farmer! They made a settlement, explored the life of the Anglo-Saxons and learnt about their culture. Team 4 also worked together to re-enact the legend of the warrior Beowulf!… Read More

“This term, we have started learning about an old Anglo-Saxon poem called Beowulf. It is one of the longest poems in the world with OVER 3000 LINES. We wanted to see what this could look like, so we operated as a team and glued 100 lined pages together. We measured it in the corridor, from the library… Read More

At the start of every week, Team 4 will have new learning partners chosen at random. These learning partners are used as support for one another and to challenge every pupil to talk about their learning. Team 4  discussed What Makes a Good learning partner, here are our main ideas: Giving helpful feedback Listening to ideas Sharing resources… Read More