In Science, Team 4 have been learning about different states of matter and have thoroughly enjoyed setting up fair tests and  investigations.   They set up a comparative test to find out if gas weighs anything… by the end of the lesson, many pupils had changed their thinking! They also learnt about melting and freezing… Read More

Team 4 love reading and today had the chance to visit the Book Fair! Lots of children have their eye on new and exciting books… … Read More

In this Latin lesson, Team 4 created curse tablets much like the Romans used to. They used their knowledge of Latin verbs and adverbs to create sentences.               “Instead of lead and a chisel, we used foil and a pens to make our own Roman curses. Romans wrote these… Read More

As part of Technology Week, Team 4 have been learning how to use QR codes. A QR code (or Quick Response code) is like a bar code, in that it can be scanned with a reader and it will present some information based upon what is held within the code. We explored the interactive display… Read More

Team 4 are really enjoying their class novel,  Wonder by RJ Palacio. We discussed the different ways to be kind and care for one another. They used Pic Collage to create a Choose Kind poster with texts, doodles, images and emojis. Click here for Sana’s animated Pic Collage!… Read More

After learning what an algorithm is in Computing, Team 4 started exploring how to make a set of instructions in Scratch. They used their knowledge of the Viking raid on Lindensfarne to make their sprites move and talk.  Next week we will try more commands and introduce new sprites to make a final animation.… Read More

This week we have been discussing the importance of remembrance. Team 4 had a visit from Majorie and Bill from Chelsea Pensioners, who talked them about the poppy symbol. Look at they art work we created!  … Read More

To end our topic on Anglo-Saxons, Team 4 created videos to show who they thought was buried at Sutton Hoo!           After planning and justifying their choice, they used the iPads to find images and record themselves. Look at the team work and collaboration!… Read More

Over the last few weeks, Team 4 have been using their Computing lessons to research information and create a PowerPoint slide about an Anglo-Saxon King.               They have learnt how to use the snipping tool to capture images, how to edit texts and use animations in their presentations. Click… Read More

This week, Team 4 became archaeologists and detectives… trying to uncover the mystery of Sutton Hoo. They investigated and described the various artefacts found at the famous burial site. But HOO was buried there?                                  … Read More