Today Team 4 were lucky to have a visit from London Children’s Ballet.   ” I enjoyed the dancing because it made me not want to stop! It inspired me to be ballet dancer when I’m older.” – Jaynie, Team 4 “I loved when we choreographed our own dance and I learnt there’s different positions… Read More

After learning about the different types of teeth in humans and their functions, Team 4 made paper models of the mouth. They had to investigate the size and position of the incisors, canines, premolars and molars, it took lots of perseverance and focus!  … Read More

As part of Thomas’s annual community day, Team 4 were invited to a  book fair in school. They found lots of interesting reads, including books by their favourite authors and books linked to previous Topics. Everyone chose their favourites to take home, thank you Thomas’s for organising!  … Read More

As an introduction to our new topic, ‘Where did London come from?’ Team 4 visited the City of London Roman Amphitheatre and Museum of London. They had the opportunity to handle original and replica artefacts and learn about the influence of the Romans upon London.    … Read More

Over the last few weeks in English, Team 4 have been busy planning, drafting and publishing a persuasive letter to Mr Gibbons. They have identified persuasive techniques and applied some to their own writing. This week, they shared their draft letters with learning partners and provided peer feedback. Team 4 demonstrated just how well they… Read More

Today Team 4 were very excited to be introduced to their new Office 365 accounts! This opens up a whole new digital world, where we can communicate sensibly and respectfully with those in the Langford family. Using these tools, pupils can collaboratively create, edit and share files for school projects and communicate via email with… Read More

This week Team 4 have been learning more about the Hindu festival, Raksha Bandhan. They created beautiful bracelets to share with their siblings and loved ones.… Read More

Over the last few weeks, Team 4 have been learning all about FRACTIONS. They have investigated what a fraction is using concrete and pictorial representations. They now know how to find equivalent fractions, and can add and subtract mixed fractions with the same denominator. Today, they enjoyed using the iPads and Khan Academy.   … Read More

We built our “emotional intelligence” today with a fun video about how our emotions can be very powerful! Ask your child about “The Beast” and watch the video here.… Read More

In preparation for World Book Day, Team 4 have been busy with various activities to develop a love for reading. In the library, they worked in pairs to complete a scavenger hunt based on book settings. Today they came in dressed up as various book characters…                  … Read More