Yesterday, we were really lucky as Mel let us go and visit her at our local Church, Christchurch. We went on a treasure hunt around the Church and learnt all about the last supper and all about the Holy Communion. We even got to ring the church bell!… Read More

A group of children from Team 4 travelled to the Royal Albert Hall yesterday to present their engineering models to other schools and to a group of engineers from Rolls Royce. It was a brilliant day and the children did a fantastic job of representing the rest of the class.  The children asked lots of… Read More

Last week, Team 4 went to The Museum of London to learn more about The Romans, as part of our Europe topic this term. In groups, we got to explore different aspects of Roman life and learn about what life was like for people during this time. We learnt lots of new and interesting facts… Read More

Team 4 got to travel to  Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple today, the largest temple outside of India! We got to visit the beautiful marble prayer room and even watch a prayer ceremony before visiting the temple’s exhibition. It was a fantastic start to our R.E. topic this term and the children got to learn and ask… Read More

Team 4 got the opportunity to travel to Thomas’s school in Battersea this week to take part in a drama workshop run by the well known theatre company ‘Chicken Shed.’ The children had a lot of fun re-enacting different scenes and scenarios and producing their own adverts for their imaginary items.… Read More

We had some very exciting visitors in Team 4 this week. On Wednesday morning, the class got the opportunity to work with two engineers from Rolls Royce to help bring their stage designs to life. David and Andy told us all about their role at Rolls Royce and the children were able to ask questions… Read More

Team 4 had a interesting afternoon yesterday exploring and investigating what they knew about fractions and testing out theories and misconceptions. It was really interesting to watch all the class explore and discuss their ideas with each other and work together to learn something new.… Read More

Yesterday, we celebrated our growth mindset culture by taking part in activities that promoted our Langford learning muscles. What a fantastic day of learning!… Read More

On Friday, Team 4 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Royal Albert Hall to watch Cirque du Soleils performance of ‘Amaluna.’ The trip was the starting point for this term’s engineering project, which will involve the children recreating an act from show and will give them the opportunity  to work alongside engineers from Rolls… Read More

  Team 4 were given a challenge this afternoon to make the tallest and strongest tower using only 10 marshmallows and 25 pieces of spaghetti. The class were investigating which shaped base would provide the strongest and most secure structure as research for their engineering projects. It proved to be an informative yet very messy… Read More