Team 5 have been making their own non-fiction books about life in London during WW2. So far we have learnt how to: * search using key words * evaluate the reliability of websites * insert and format a text box * save an image from the internet and insert it into a document * cite… Read More

Team 5 have been using technology to help us learn more about our Solar System. We used an augmented reality (AR) app to help use visualise some of the technology that’s allowed humans to learn more of nearby moons, planets and stars. Then we began to research questions and answers for an online quiz we’ll… Read More

This week Team 5 have been exploring multiples and factors in our maths lessons. We have deliberately practised finding multiples of any given number and reasoned using our knowledge of factors. We used counters to make arrays when first helping us understand factors and identified common factors.  Next, we look forward to using our newly… Read More

Team 5 were visited by a member of the London  Fire Brigade so we could learn more about the common causes of fire in the home, and what we should do should we see a fire. We spent time discuss fire prevention and all received certificates at the end of the morning. Well done Team 5… Read More

Team 5 have written diary entries based around the John Boyne classic, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. In our writing, the children wrote as Bruno as he explains his thoughts and feelings the the news that the family are leaving his beloved Berlin. We created a WMG based on examples of excellence (such as… Read More

Each week, Team 5 visit our wonderful school library. We enjoy choosing a book to take away with us and use the library with consideration and pride.… Read More

Team 5 successfully completed an anti-radicalisation workshop this week, and have the certificates to prove it! We learned what this means and we were engaged in the examples from history. We have reaffirmed what we can do if we feel we are being pressured by others and are glad to have had this opportunity.  … Read More

The children were challenged with researching World War II in order to help them produce a report or model linked to our Autumn term topic. The children produced creative and detailed projects which required a lot of skill and dedication. They’re now now display in Team 5.  … Read More

I am very excited to begin the new school year and have enjoyed a great start to the term with the children of Team 5. This week, the children have been thinking a lot about what makes them such good learners,  as well creating targets to help develop even further. It’s wonderful to see such… Read More