Team 5 have begun our diary learning journey. We began by discussing diaries and what we already know about these. Then we carefully read examples of diaries and picked out the WMG features, highlighting examples and discussing the reasons for including these. After learning some more about these features we have begun planning our writing.… Read More

Team 5 enjoyed our learning in music this week. We impressed our music teacher, Mr Heely, with our use of our Learning Muscles. Our love of learning and willingness to give it a go meant that we quickly moved from following written music to performing with drum sticks. What fantastic learners we are!… Read More

Team 5 had a thought provoking morning learning about the important topic of radicalisation. The children learned new terminology and reflected on the causes of terrorism. All of the children participated in a lively and engaging session and were rewarded with certificates to commend their hard work and understanding.… Read More

Team 5 have got off to a great start and have been exploring what it means to have a growth mindset. We have discussed what makes a good learning partner and have enjoyed role-playing being in the different learning zones. We are already  enjoying our  class novel for this term, ‘The Lion, The Witch and… Read More

Team 5 really enjoy using our fantastic school library. Each week we spend time in the library, giving us a chance to read, borrow and return books. We have a brilliant and wide selection of books, so please make sure you always have one you enjoy to read at home. A wonderful afternoon Team 5, thank… Read More

Team 5 recently visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about earthquakes. We enjoyed learning more about the causes and impacts of earthquakes around the world, and got to experience this natural disaster when on the Earthquake Simulator. This then helped us write in character of a child in an earthquake, as well as… Read More

Team 5 were fortunate enough to have a a visit from a former pupil, and now a maths professor, Andrew Fitzharris. Andrew kindly led a session in which Team 5 had to break codes and learn how maths can help create secret messages. This really helped us develop a love of learning as Andrew’s challenges… Read More

Team 5 have started to learn about the continent of North America as part as Langford’s topic of Earth Explorers. We have begun to learn about the geography of the continent, naming countries, rivers and mountains. Then we began looking at Andy Warhol, one of the most famous US artists ever! We’re currently making our… Read More

Team 5 had a wonderful time learning more about paintings from the Renaissance period at The National Gallery. We studied the techniques used to paint such detailed paintings, and discussed the use of imagery and colour to add meaning.… Read More

Yesterday, we celebrated our growth mindset culture by taking part in activities that promoted our Langford learning muscles. What a fantastic day of learning!… Read More