To conclude our narrative learning journey, Team 5 wrote and published stories based on  Michael Morporgo’s Billy the Kid. We thought carefully about the impact our writing would have on the reader and chose words and phrases to create tension.… Read More

To help us prepare for our trip to Westminster Abbey, Team 5 were visited by William Caxton! Travelling from the 15th Century, Caxton talked to us about Westminster Abbey as well as the printing press. We then enjoyed making our own prints afterwards.… Read More

          Team 5 have been writing stories and have been collaborating with our learning partners to help improve what we have written. The author holds the pen and makes any changes they see fit. Their learning partner may make suggestions or give advice but ultimately it’s down to the author to decide! We are thinking… Read More

Team 5 have been learning cube numbers in our maths lessons. Using concrete objects to support and aid our understanding, we can now all calculate cube numbers. We have discussed common misconceptions, and have begun to reason and problem solve, making links to our understanding of square numbes and our ability to recall these fluently.… Read More

Team 5 visited  the Imperial War Museum. We learnt more about The Second World War and what life was like for a family on the home front. We also found out what it must have been like to take shelter in an Anderson shelter.     … Read More

Team 5 are learning to fluently add and subtract numbers up to 1,000,000 as well as exploring the relationship between these two operations. Before moving on to more formal written methods, we explored the what it means to carry over and to exchange using number counters. Now we have a good understanding of this these… Read More

Team 5 have been analysing propaganda posters from World War Two to find out more about  the importance of propaganda during the war. We looked at the different designs and analysed the features . This will help us to create our own propaganda posters.… Read More

Team 5 have begun our diary learning journey. We began by discussing diaries and what we already know about these. Then we carefully read examples of diaries and picked out the WMG features, highlighting examples and discussing the reasons for including these. After learning some more about these features we have begun planning our writing.… Read More

Team 5 enjoyed our learning in music this week. We impressed our music teacher, Mr Heely, with our use of our Learning Muscles. Our love of learning and willingness to give it a go meant that we quickly moved from following written music to performing with drum sticks. What fantastic learners we are!… Read More