Team 5 enjoyed a fantastic day out at The Palace of Westminster. This iconic landmark, often referred to as The Houses of Parliament, is situated in the heart of London, directly on the bank of the River Thames. We were guided around the famous palace and were fortunate to see the Speaker of the House… Read More

Team 5 have been learning about the layers of the Earth and what causes earthquakes. We have also learnt about the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Now we are publishing booklets that teach Team 2 everything we know.… Read More

As part of our new topic, Team 5 have studied the work of the artist Yataka Inagawa. He is a Japanese artist from Tokyo who now lives in London. He creates digital collages using photos that he takes of everyday objects. We created our own collages using some of the techniques he uses (but we… Read More

Team 5 have started their new topic, ‘London or Tokyo?’ We will be learning about the geographical and historical features of each city and deciding which one we would rather live in.  A very exciting learning journey ahead!    … Read More

Team 5 completed our learning about the Tudors by researching, discussing and analysing this fascinating period of time. We used the iPads to compare modern London to 16th Century London. Who knew that bear baiting happened near to the Globe Theatre? Afterwards we reflected on whether it is important to retain historical landmarks, which resulted… Read More

To conclude our narrative learning journey, Team 5 wrote and published stories based on  Michael Morporgo’s Billy the Kid. We thought carefully about the impact our writing would have on the reader and chose words and phrases to create tension.… Read More

To help us prepare for our trip to Westminster Abbey, Team 5 were visited by William Caxton! Travelling from the 15th Century, Caxton talked to us about Westminster Abbey as well as the printing press. We then enjoyed making our own prints afterwards.… Read More

          Team 5 have been writing stories and have been collaborating with our learning partners to help improve what we have written. The author holds the pen and makes any changes they see fit. Their learning partner may make suggestions or give advice but ultimately it’s down to the author to decide! We are thinking… Read More

Team 5 have been learning cube numbers in our maths lessons. Using concrete objects to support and aid our understanding, we can now all calculate cube numbers. We have discussed common misconceptions, and have begun to reason and problem solve, making links to our understanding of square numbes and our ability to recall these fluently.… Read More