Team Nursery! Looking at Tapestry I can see that you all have had a fantastic week! Mums, dads and carers have been busy joining in with all the fun: well done to you all! I want to celebrate some of the amazing learning that I’ve seen this week. We can’t have a real ‘Star of… Read More

Hello Team Nursery! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I have loved seeing all the learning that you have all been up to on Tapestry. It looks like loads of fun and some of your gingerbread men have inspired me to make my own! First to join the queue to find some flour…… Read More

Dear Team Nursery, I hope you have all had a brilliant week. I have loved seeing all the learning that has been uploaded to Tapestry – it has made me miss you more. I’ve attached a couple of brilliant examples showing that our topic of ‘Under the Sea’ is still very much alive in our… Read More

  Whilst you’re staying at home this week, spread some joy in our community by sharing a rainbow in your windows for others to see. You can write inspirational messages on them for people walking by or others staying indoors to read and spread some happiness. Send photos of your creations to… Read More

Weekly Timetable for Team N Whilst school is closed it is really important that you put a routine in place. This will help both you and your children. Making a daily plan for the day will give everyone an idea of what they are going to do. Updates and new learning tasks will be uploaded… Read More

Congratulations Team Nursery on your fantastic nativity! Click here to watch EYFS Nativity, ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’: Merry Christmas and happy holidays!… Read More

We have had a great week this week! This is some of us putting the right amount of Pom Pom decorations¬† onto our tree that matched the correct amount on the dice. We are trying hard to remember when to stop counting to reach the total! We have been very interested in looking for things… Read More

We have had so much fun learning about 2D shapes! We worked together to match the shapes to the shape monsters as we got to know the name of the shapes and think about what they look like. This is some of us during our shape hunt we then did outside! We found lots of… Read More

This week we have been focusing on our last book within our topic of traditional tales! we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This week like Jack, we each got some beans. We talked about what they need to help them grow. We then each got a cup and some cotton… Read More

This week team nursery did something for the first time! We visited the library in our school. We listened really carefully about how to be safe travelling up the stairs. On our way we all tried very hard to use one foot per step on the stairs. We all had an amazing time in the… Read More