This week we took part in our very own sharing assembly! We did this in front of the whole school and our families. We told them all about what we have learnt in team nursery. We were so brave as we each shared some of our learning. We also sang some songs with actions! Everyone… Read More

We have had a fantastic week in Team Nursery. With the nice weather we have especially enjoyed learning outside. This is some of us playing football outside. We really thought about what direction and how hard to kick the ball. We had great fun working as a team to pass the ball to each other.… Read More

We have had a very busy and exciting week this week! We have continued to read the naughty bus and decided to do an experiment just like the naughty bus. We looked at different materials and tested whether the bus would stop or go through it as the bus travelled down the ramp. It was… Read More

This week we have started our new topic of ‘ Transport’.  We have had so much fun sharing our holiday projects where we made different models of transport using a mix of materials. We are becoming a lot more confident at talking in front of our friends about how we made our models and are… Read More

We have had a great week this week! This week at Langford we had the opportunity to show off our art pieces at an art exhibition. We made different famous London buildings! Aren’t they amazing; it was great to be able to see all of the other children’s work, as well as show our family… Read More

This week we have been reading a story about going on an airplane. We thought about where we have been on holiday and what it is like to visit an airport. This is us creating an airport outside. We made sure to create a check in desk to collect our tickets and drop off our… Read More

This week in Team Nursery we have been reading the story of ‘The Everywhere Bear’ about a bear who gets lost and travels to many different places in his local area  whilst trying to find his way back home. To help find the everywhere bear we made missing posters for him, making sure we included… Read More

This week we have been reading the story ‘We completely must go to London’. As we have been reading this, we have been looking at the different landmarks we can visit and learn more about, such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London. Outside, some of us pretended to go on… Read More

We have had a great first week back, starting to think about our new topic.  Our new topic is ‘ Our World’. We will be thinking about where we live and what is around our local area. We also be thinking about the world and where different people and their families are from in Team… Read More

This term our topic has been ‘Under the Sea’ where we have been learning more about sea animals and their habitats. To finish off our amazing topic we went on a class trip to The London Aquarium which was so much fun. We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and… Read More