Last week, Team Nursery’s behaviour was so wonderful,  we were given time on the large climbing frame as our reward. The children proved to be brilliant at climbing, balancing and sharing the space. We enjoy many other things in our lovely outdoor classroom too  –  singing, dancing, cooking in the mud kitchen and writing!  … Read More

Team Nursery enjoyed a wonderful visit to Fulham firestation  last week. The firefighters showed us around and even let us explore the inside of their fire engine and try on their hats! We practised our aim with the water hose and returned to school inspired to draw and make our own fire engines.  … Read More

Team Nursery used their playdough skills to bake gingerbread men. We mixed flour, sugar, ginger, butter and egg then rolled the mixture flat. We used the cutter then baked the gingerbread men in the oven – they were delicious!… Read More