This week team nursery had some new friends join us and we have had a great time getting to know them by playing some circle games!

In our topic this week we have been learning about our bodies. Team Nursery sang some songs to help us remember our body parts and used pasta to create our face and bodies at the play dough table. We have also been thinking about how we stay clean. Children had the opportunity to show how they brush their teeth using a big toothbrush and teeth where they said we brush them at night and day. We have even been giving our babies a bath in the water area; remembering to use lots of bubbles. Today we had great fun outside doing some exercise such as star jumps and pencils jumps and running to see if our heart would pump faster.

Our book this week was a book called ‘Michael’  about a boy who builds a rocket. Some children in Team Nursery thought this was a great idea and made their very own rockets and space pictures telling me their rockets were going to the moon to see some aliens!










We can’t wait for more fun next week!