This week as part of the topic on ourselves, Team Nursery have been learning all about self portraits. We have looked at lots of other  artists self portraits and have been thinking about all of the features that need to be included on our faces by helping Miss Tuttle to add features to her self portrait which she had forgotten!

When it was our turn, we first used pencil to draw our face before we used water colours to add more details. Team Nursery really thought about what colour our eyes and hair look like and made sure not to add too much water. On Friday we had a catwalk in Team Nursery where we showed off our self portraits to the rest of our friends in Team Nursery it was so much fun!

This week we have also been reading a book called the Colour Monster.  Through this we have learnt all about the different feeling we might have and what we can do if we feel these things. We especially lied talking about what makes us feel happy and loved like the colour monster.

This was a great way to finish our topic of ourselves. We cant wait to start our new topic of Traditional Tales next week!