This week we have started our new topic of Traditional Tales and have had a fantastic week! This week we focused on the story of the Three Little Pigs.

We have read the story a lot and are now confident at saying lots of the lines in the story.; especially the lines of the big bad wolf! We also had so much fun re telling the story using puppets in our puppet theatre and in the construction area where we made the pigs houses out of straw, sticks and bricks.

As a class we talked about how the wolf was a bit unkind and agreed he should say sorry to the pig.  We wrote a letter as the big bad wolf where he said sorry to the pigs and invited them to play with him.

This week we have also made predictions as part of an experiment with Miss Tuttle where we wanted to know whether objects would blow over if we blew on them like the big bad wolf. We had lots of fun testing out our predictions first as a class and then with friends. We found that objects that are heavy didn’t move and objects that are lighter did.

We even had a go at creating art by using water paint and straws to blow the paint across the page to see what patterns we could make.  We cant wait for our new Traditional Tale next week!