This week we have been reading the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ as part of our topic. We have been using puppets and masks to retell the story; even creating chairs and beds using different construction materials to help us act it out.

On Friday we each used some salt dough to mould and shape into our very own small bowls like Baby Bear used for his porridge; they look great and we cannot wait to decorate them.

As Goldilocks broke baby Bear’s chair in our story, we have also begun to think about weight and whether things are heavy or light; to do this we used balance scales to see if objects made the scales go up or down before using full sentences to say if it showed the object was heavy or light.

We have also had so much fun exploring and learning outside. We are very interested in magnets and we have been busy using them outside to see what is magnetic and what isn’t. Team Nursery also collected natural materials to make small mobiles. We had to wrap wool around the stick and tie objects such as leaves and sticks on to it, they look great!

This half term has been so much fun! We have made new friends and learn t so many new things! We can’t wait for next half term.