This week we have been reading the story of ‘ Jack and the Beanstalk’. We loved repeating key phrases from the story and acting it out in groups. We have even each planted a bean in a bag and are watching them; we cant wait to see how tall they grow. As a team we… Read More

This week in Team Nursery we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen. Linked to this story, we have started to talk about things that are living and things that are not living. Some of us agreed we are alive because we do things like eat and drink. After watching videos of… Read More

This week Team Nursery have had a very busy week with lots of exciting activities. On Monday we talked about Bonfire night and thought about what fireworks look like and what they sound like. It was so exciting because we all even got to have a turn at using a sparkler! We were all very… Read More

We have had a great first week back! This week Team Nursery have been reading the book Little Red Riding Hood; we especially liked acting out parts of the story with the Big Bad Wolf. We also talked about what we can do to help others when they get sick and what we might give… Read More