We have had a great first week back!

This week Team Nursery have been reading the book Little Red Riding Hood; we especially liked acting out parts of the story with the Big Bad Wolf. We also talked about what we can do to help others when they get sick and what we might give them to help them feel better; Team Nursery said medicine, a card and ice cream.

In the story of Little Red Riding Hood uses a basket to carry her presents for Granny. This week we had a go at making their own baskets from a choice of materials. We had fantastic ideas of how we could fold and stick our material to make sure things didn’t fall out of our baskets.

Outside we have also been very excited about looking at the natural environment , including collecting leaves and looking for insects. We found a spider and a lady bird and were so excited to talk and learn more about what they eat and where they live. Some of us even had a go at making spider webs using paper.

We were also lucky to have special visitors come and visit our classroom and Langford. Chelsea pensioners came to tell us about what they do and where they live. We were very excited to see their red uniform like Langford and Little Red Riding Hood and hear about how some people parachute out of airplanes. We all enjoyed saluting and marching too!

We cant wait for more fun next week!