This week Team Nursery have had a very busy week with lots of exciting activities.

On Monday we talked about Bonfire night and thought about what fireworks look like and what they sound like. It was so exciting because we all even got to have a turn at using a sparkler! We were all very sensible and really thought about how we keep safe making sure we wore gloves before we used the sparklers. We loved making circles, and zig zags as well as writing our names with them!

Our new book this week is The Gingerbread Man. Some of us had a think about what we might say as some of the characters from the story; we then used chatterpix on the ipad to make the characters from the story talk for real as we recorded our voices. We found this very funny!


As a team we also made and ate gingerbread men. We were able to talk about the ingredients and loved smelling the cinnamon and ginger before we followed a recipe to make the gingerbread men. we loved sitting as a team to eat them; we all agreed they were delicious!

What a great week we have had. We cannot wait for our new traditional tale next week!