This week in Team Nursery we have been reading the story of The Little Red Hen.

Linked to this story, we have started to talk about things that are living and things that are not living. Some of us agreed we are alive because we do things like eat and drink. After watching videos of different animals that are living to help us understand more, we then played a game as a team where we had to decide if objects were living or not living- we had some great ideas.

As well as reading The Little Red Hen we have also been learning more about chickens and looking at the life cycle of a chicken. We¬† learnt some fun new facts about chickens such as a hen is a girl chicken and a rooster is a boy chicken. We were also surprised to hear that chickens don’t really fly! We even watched a video of a chick hatching from its egg; lots of us were excited and were cheering when it hatched. some of us then made or own life cycles of a chicken remembering which part comes first.

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need. We had the chance to dress up in our own clothes and wear ears so we looked like Pudsey bear. We also got the chance to go to Assembly for one of the first times to celebrate with all of the children at Langford – it was great to see everyone dressed up and to learn about why we celebrate children in need day.

Throughout the day we made badges and threaded jewellery to add to our colourful clothes. We also had a little dance as a class!


What a great week!!