This week we have been reading the story of ‘ Jack and the Beanstalk’. We loved repeating key phrases from the story and acting it out in groups. We have even each planted a bean in a bag and are watching them; we cant wait to see how tall they grow.

As a team we also had a great discussion in our circle time. Each of us had to decide if we found a beanstalk whether we would go up and look or not. We all listened to each other really well and could give some fantastic reasons why we would or wouldn’t go up the beanstalk!

Team Nursery have also been very busy learning outside this week from drawing around our feet to measure how long they are to making large scale pictures using chalk. Some of us spent a long time creating and building a house together. We were able to use different construction materials such as the crates and material for the roof! Isn’t it amazing? 

This week at Langford was also technology week. Throughout the week Nursery used iPads to try different apps. On Monday we used an app to make our pictures come to life around our classroom. We also recorded ourselves as characters from our story! We were all very careful with the iPads and used them safely.

We have had so much fun this week!!