This week was our last week on our topic Traditional Tales and we finished it off with the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We really enjoyed this story and loved making our own bridge for the story, not only out of construction blocks but also recycled materials!

Our favourite character from the story was the troll. We worked as a team to describe him saying he had a green face and spots. We then made our own trolls with playdough and different materials such  as pipe cleaners, bottle lids and stones describing what we made; some of them looked very scary.

This week we also had great fun outside. We were so excited as we went into the KS1 and 2 playground and used the three wheel bikes and scooters. We did a great job of pedalling ourselves; some of us going quite fast!  We all tried really hard to stay on track, whilst also thinking about how to be safe using the pretend crossings and lights.

In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We had great fun matching 2D shapes to shape monsters and trying to name the shape. Some of us then went on a 2D shape hunt in our playground; we did a great job and found shapes in funny places such as the water tray, steps to the slide and on the ceiling!


This topic has been so much fun! We cant wait to start our new topic next week.