This week has been very exciting as we have started our new topic and we’re reading a story called The Jolly Christmas Postman! We found this book so fun because we recognised many of the characters the Jolly Postman gives letters to including the big bad wolf and the little bear. As a team we then made a story map using just pictures and we were able to re-tell the story using just these!

We also talked about what a postman does and was very surprised when we received letters from him throughout the week first; first to deliver our advent calender and a second letter from Little Red Riding Hood! We were so pleased some of us wrote letters back to the Jolly Postman to say thank you and ask for more letters! We cant wait to write more letters next week as we have made our own post box in our classroom. We have also really enjoyed counting and posting different amounts of letters using number cards to begin to match our amount with the numeral. 

It is getting much colder this week and some of us decided to make a pretend fire using sticks and stones before making food to stay hot. We have also been playing and doing things as a team. This week we had fun playing some group games where we were able to wait our turn. We especially enjoyed playing musical statues outside; some of us were very good at staying still.


We cant wait for next week!