This week we have been very busy in Team Nursery! We have been reading the story of Little Robin Red Vest; we really enjoyed this story because some of us said he made new friends because he was so kind as he gave away his warm woolly jumpers to other animals who needed them. Like the kind robin in the story we talked about all of the kind things we have done for other people. In Team Nursery we said we hug people when they are sad, we help our friends draw pictures and we share our food with them.

This week, all of us have especially enjoyed writing letters to people before putting them into our class post box. We all made sure to put our letters into an envelope with a stamp on it so they would get where they needed to go! 

We have been busy outside this week. In the sand, some of us were making  town where we used recycled materials to make the props. We made a post box, road and a house for the three bears. We also looked at our beans we have been growing and talked about what we could see including the stem and roots. Some of us chose to plant our beans outside in the soil to see if they will grow again. We used shovels to dig a hole for our bean before we watered them as we have learnt that plants need water and sunlight to grow! 

On Friday it was Christmas jumper day; everyone in Team Nursery looked amazing in their jumpers. It was also extra special because we had a Christmas lunch. We were so excited as we got to pull some crackers with our friends which had special hats and a small toy inside- some of the jokes were funny too! Whilst eating the delicious food we talked to our friends and listened to some music it was so much fun!

What a fantastic week we have had.