What a great first week back we have had!

This week we have had some new friends join us and have had a great time getting to know them through circle time and group games and discussions such as ‘ Mr Honey keeper’. We have also been helping them settle in by showing them where things are and how things work when they were a bit unsure! 

We have also started our new topic of ‘ People who help us’. We loved looking at all of our home learning books our friends had made over the holidays to tell us more about some people who help us.

This week we have been learning more about a vet and how they can help us and our pets. We watched some videos about what happened at the vet and read a story about Mog who was a bit scared of the vet, but was happy when he made her feel better.

We have really enjoyed role playing being a vet. We used a stethoscope to check the animals heart beat before checking to see where they were hurt. We also thought of ways to make the animals feel better such as giving them medicine or bandaging them up.

We have been thinking about different animals and talking about which ones are our favourite and why. We have been very busy in the creative area drawing our favourite animals. Some of us used pen or pencil, whilst others of us used different collage materials; they look great!

We also read a story about a giraffe who found it hard to count. Together we talked about what she could have done to count. We then began to show her how to count groups of objects to 10 before having a go at finding the numeral to match! 

We cant wait for next week where we are learning more about visiting the Doctors.