This week we have really enjoyed continuing our topic of people who help us. We have been focusing on doctors and how they help us when we are unwell; we have really enjoyed reading a story about visiting the doctors.

Some of us also shared what happened to us at the doctors. Whilst it can be scary, we said Doctors make us feel better!
We have enjoyed role playing going to the doctors. Some of us have enjoyed being the receptionist signing friends in by writing their names before telling them to wait for the doctor. Others have enjoyed helping patients get better by being a doctor. 

This week we have loved taking part in different art activities. Just like doctors, we used pipettes and water colours to make pictures deciding what colour and how much water to use to make patterns. A group of children also worked as a group to create a picture of when we visit a doctors surgery. They used different materials to add different things such as a doctors mask and stethoscope and a patient being looked after by a doctor. It looks great in our doctors role play area. You might also notice our x-ray pictures. We were very excited to talk about a machine that takes pictures so we can see if our bones are broken. We had so much fun drawing around our hands and feet before using pva glue and ear buds for our bones.

Outside we have been creating our own scenes linked to people who help us. We have made police cars and an ambulance using the blocks; some of us had amazing fun rescuing and helping people!

As part of learning about doctors we have also been thinking about our bodies. This week we had lots of fun taking part in different exercises like running, jumping and skipping to see what happened to our heart beats and our bodies. We agreed our heart beats got “fast” and we felt “tired” after. 

We can’t wait for next week when we start PE with special football coaches and also have a visit from a very special visitor!