We have had a fantastic week in Team Nursery this week! We have been learning more about police officers and what they do. We have been reading the story ‘ Officers on Patrol’ to help us learn more.

On Tuesday we noticed something strange had happened in our construction area. We became police detectives and looked at different clues that had been left behind to think about what might have happened. This is a picture some of our friends in Team Nursery took to keep as evidence! 

This week we also had a visit from a special guest; a real policeman! It was amazing to hear all about what he does and how he helps people. He showed us his uniform with his special police number and badge and the things he uses such as handcuffs, a baton and vest. Some children even tried his hat on, it was very heavy! We also listened to his radio that he uses to talk to other people. We asked him questions and learned that he works in a police station and drives a police car!

After meeting the police man some of us decided to make our own radios. We thought about how to roll the paper to create the right shape before adding details such as an arial and numbers. We can’t wait to use them in our role play. As part of being police officers, we have also been learning about our finger prints and how everyone’s are different.



This week we also started PE with Chelsea football coaches, it was very exciting to meet them. This week we played games to focus our listening and balancing skills; some of us are very confident at balancing on one leg! We are looking forward to seeing them again next week.