This week we have really enjoyed continuing to learn about our topic ‘ People who help us’. This week we were learning more about fire fighters. To help us we have read the story of ‘ Dot the Fire Dog’. We really enjoyed talking about how people and animals such as dogs can help to put out fires and rescue us from fires. By the end of the week, we were fantastic at being able to retell the story and had great fun creating a story map as a team to retell the story. We have also been thinking about how to describe fire fighters.

We had a great day on Thursday where we took part in a Literacy workshop based on superheroes. We had a great time learning new songs and a dance routine to travel to space. In space we then moved around like superheroes; running and jumping up high.

We were very inspired and some of us then went outside to make our very own rocket as a group using the wooden blocks and planks. We made sure to add steps to go up and down as well as fire to make sure our rocket went up high. We also packed food for a picnic remembering sandwiches and fruit! 

This week we have noticed a change in the weather, we found ice outside and talked about how water turned into ice and how it would turn back. We also made sure to check on our fish to make sure they were ok in the cold weather.

This week we have also been looking at art work based on lines like the artist Piet Mondrian. We then made our own versions where we used rulers for the first time. We made sure to hold the ruler nice and straight to create our great pictures.