We have had a really exciting and fun filled week on the last week of this half term!

This week some children chose to work as a team in order to create a kite. They had to talk through their ideas and were able to think about what material to use and what shape it should be. Team nursery were so impressed that we all went outside in the KS1 playground and tested it to see if it would fly. Lots of our friends in team nursery then spent the rest of the week making their very own kites of different designs, patterns and sizes. 

This week we have also been talking more about different animals and that some animals are nocturnal which means they come out during the night. We also talked about what animals do at night time and what they like to eat. This meant that by the end of the week some children were able to help Miss Tuttle to create an information book on nocturnal animals! It is a very good read; the rest of team nursery had so much fun reading it.

Over the last few weeks it has been so cold that we have been looking for ice. Today we did an experiment to see what material melts an ice cube the quickest we were very excited! Each of us predicted and voted to find the best material to melt the ice the quickest. In small groups we then tested it out by holding the cube onto the material before checking if it had melted. Some of us said “ it’s going to be water it’s going to melt” whilst others said “ not sand, not sugar.., the salt did it, it melted it”.

It has been a great half term we can’t wait for our new topic to start!