What a great week we have had back!

This week we started our new topic of ‘Under the sea’. We have had some good discussions about the sea. Some of us talked about times we have been in the sea when we have visited the beach. We also talked about the sounds the waves make before starting to talk about what animals live under the sea. It was great to have so many animals we had made at home using different materials to look at and talk about. We all shared what animal we had made and how we made it- some of us also shared some facts about the animals such as whales breathe water from the top of their heads and octopus have 8 legs! They look amazing hanging up in our classroom as part of our Aquarium role play area.

 This is some of us playing in our Aquarium. We make sure to collect and pay for tickets before going into the aquarium.  In the Aquarium we look at what animals we can see. Some of us even go swimming with the animals- we make sure to wear goggles so we can see the animals even better.

This week to help start our topic we have been reading the story of The Rainbow Fish. Some of us worked as a group to retell the story. We had to choose what character we wanted to be, before we retold the story taking on the different roles. We all made sure to take our turns and listen to our friends. We found it very funny to be the different characters as we thought about what they might say.

This week we have been thinking about how to make marks to show how many objects we have been counting. We were practicing finding and saying a numeral before finding that many objects to match. we then drew circles or lines to show how many objects we had collected. Some of us even had a go at forming the different numerals. 

 Look at us climbing on the new climbing frame. It was so exciting when we got to go on it for the first time! We were able to walk and balance along the ropes and logs making sure to take our time. Some of us also practices going under and over and through the different parts.  Some of us found it a little tricky but we didn’t give up and were all ready to give it a go.