This week in Team Nursery we have had so much to do and had so much fun!

We have been continuing to read our story of the Rainbow fish. In the story rainbow fish learns to be kind. As a team we then thought of ways we can be a good friend and shared ideas of when we were kind to others. We then shared these ideas on our own rainbow fish as we decorated individual scales of our own with different patterns and pictures of our own creations- how pretty does our rainbow fish look?

We are now becoming experts about animals that live under the sea as we have been watching vidoes and leaning new facts about them. Did you know octopus have 3 hearts and blue blood? Here are some of us creating our very own octopus; We had lots of things to do to create it, but we didn’t give up. We made sure to cut and count 8 legs. We then used paint and bubble wrap to create the octopi tentacles.


At Langford this week, we have been celebrating world book day with different fun activities. We had the opportunity to take part in a drama workshop. Here we had great fun playing different games based on animals that live under the sea. We were able to travel around the hall in different ways such as swimming like a fish or a shark and laying like a starfish.

We also had a fantastic time working with Team 3 to do some paired reading; it was great to see the books children in Team 3 recommended for us before reading them together! We then read different types of stories all week, both as a class and in our book corner. 

It was great to talk about some of our favourite books and book characters! It was even better to see some of these characters come to life as we got to dress up as book characters. We even had a visit from the big bad wolf from one of our favourite books ‘ Little Red Riding Hood’.





I wonder what fun we will have next week?