This week has been so much fun! We have been reading the story of Tiddler, a fish who likes to tell lots of different stories. He gets up to so many adventures we thought it would be a great idea to make up our own of what else he could get up to! We first planned it by sharing different ideas of problems and solutions. We then decided on the best one and really thought of the best sentences we could use to tell our story. What do you think of our story?










We decided this week that we were going to make a big underwater picture to help decorate our classroom. To do this we worked in groups. For it to work, we had to talk through our ideas and ask our friends for help to make it. We included fish sharks and seaweed. It looks great hanging up in our classroom!  

We have had great fun outside this week. We have been busy mark making using water and paintbrushes. We made big marks and small marks all over the floor using shapes and lines. Some of us also found it fun to draw using chalk before using water to make it disappear!


Also this week, Team Nursery held a cake sale. To help with the cake sale, we decided to make gingerbread men. In small groups, we took it in turns to read the recipe and follow along with the instructions. We were very good at mixing it altogether and rolling it out. Afterwards we used icing sugar to decorate our gingerbread men. We were careful to think about where we wanted the icing sugar to go and how much we needed to use. We had great fun choosing what to add to the icing. They looked amazing and were very popular at the cake sale. Don’t worry though, we did save some for ourselves. We had a lovely time eating them together as a team on Friday afternoon whilst we talked about our favourite things we have been doing this week!

Our cake sale was a great success so thank you to everyone who brought in a cake and to those who helped sell the cakes!!