This week we have had a lot of fun!
We have continued to read Tiddler and his great adventures. This week we have been thinking about writing a diary entry as Tiddler where we could talk about all of the things he gets up to. We learnt about what a diary is and read examples of diary entries to see what all diaries need to have. We then made a diary entry together as a class where we thought about what happened to Tiddler and how he was feeling. Some of us then decided to write our own diary entries as Tiddler. 

Some of us have been busy in the water area this week. We have been starting to think about capacity and are learning and using new language around this. We can now begin to talk about if a container is full, half full or empty and explain how we know. We have also begun to talk about and compare different containers to see which one can hold the most. We are beginning to be able to count as we fill up our containers to see if we are right. 

Some of us had lots of fun playing a game of ‘I spy’ outside. Using paintbrushes we brushed away the sand to reveal different pictures. We then named the different objects before we thought abut the sound they started with. Some of us said ‘sssss’ for socks and ‘ccc’ cake and ‘rrrr’ rainbow.

We have also been working great as a team. Together we were able to complete an underwater puzzle. Even though it was a little bit tricky, we didn’t give up; instead we took our time to think about which puzzle pieces could fit together before moving them around and discussing our ideas with friends. We were so proud of ourselves once we had finished.

This week we have also enjoyed playing circle games. We played a game where we had to bounce the ball into the circle to a friend. We had to remember to call our friends names before bouncing it to them so we knew they were ready to catch it. We are becoming a lot more confident at controlling the ball and catching the ball with two hands. We played this game for a long time!

These are our fish that we created using pens and water. We wanted to create colourful fish. We drew different designs of dots and lines with different coloured pens before using pipettes with water to see what happened to the colours and designs. We were amazed to see that the colours started to mix and as they mixed they even began to change some colours to new colours such as blue and yellow turning to green!

What a busy, fun week!