This term our topic has been ‘Under the Sea’ where we have been learning more about sea animals and their habitats. To finish off our amazing topic we went on a class trip to The London Aquarium which was so much fun.

We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and were counting down the days until Friday. To make sure we were really prepared for the trip, we made sure to talk how we would get to the Aquarium and about how to be safe when travelling on trains and buses and how to cross the road. We could share lots of ideas about what we needed to do to be safe, including holding a partners hand, listening to the adults and look where we were going. This us practising to make sure we could cross the road safely before travelling across the busy streets of London!

Finally our school trip day arrived and we were ready to go to the Aquarium. First we travelled by bus to Fulham Broadway station. We got to sit upstairs which was so exciting because we got to look out of the window and see all of the houses and cars. At Fulham Broadway station we waited for our train. On the train we were so sensible and found seats to sit down- when friends didn’t have one, some of us offered to share. It was so fun to go through the tunnels and go super fast.  

Travelling is hard work so we decided to eat our lunch in the park, it was such a lovely sunny day. This is us eating as a Team and enjoying the sunshine.

Once inside the London Aquarium we had so much fun. We were very excited to see all of the different sea creatures.  We saw turtles, sea horses, crabs and fish of all different colours. We especially liked watching the large sharks swim around and getting to see sting rays. They liked swimming flat to the glass to say hello. We especially liked the jellyfish as they were so colourful and pretty as they floated around!


Something that was really special was when we got to see some live starfish and touch them. Some of us were a little nervous at first, but we gave it a go. We were surprised by how soft they were!

We really did have the very best day!!