We have had a great first week back, starting to think about our new topic.  Our new topic is ‘ Our World’. We will be thinking about where we live and what is around our local area. We also be thinking about the world and where different people and their families are from in Team Nursery. This week, some of us had the opportunity to show  the posters some of us made to talk share what country we are from. In our posters we made sure to include the national flag of our country, traditional food and clothing worn here, as well as any special things such dances or music. It was so much fun to hear all about the different places we are from. Don’t our posters look great?

As part of our new topic we have been playing in our new role play area which is a supermarket. Some of us have enjoyed being the customers whilst others have been the shop keepers. We have had so much fun taking our baskets around our supermarket as we choose different food to buy. We have had some good discussions about the different foods we like and don’t like.
We have also begun to talk about money as we pay for our food before the shop keeper writes out our receipt for us. 

This week we were also lucky enough to have a special assembly. Here we sang songs and read a special story where we talked about the special hats people can wear depending on the religion they believe in. We talked about how special these hats are and how we can be kind to all of our friends. Back in Team Nursery, we had a great carpet time where we talked about people we know who wear special hats. We have enjoyed re reading the story again with our friends in the book corner as we got our very own copy of the book! 

Team Nursery have started something very exciting this week; we have started phonics. We have been learning some new sounds and the letters that represent these sounds! We have also been playing some games to see which pictures belong to which letters! We have also started to practice writing these letters!

We have had so much fun.