This week we have been reading the story ‘We completely must go to London’. As we have been reading this, we have been looking at the different landmarks we can visit and learn more about, such as the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London. Outside, some of us pretended to go on our own tour of London. We travelled around looking at all of the different sites in London and thinking about what we could do or see. Some of us had great fun making the tickets to go on the tour. We made sure to count how many people there were before making marks on the tickets to ensure everyone had one.

We have especially liked learning more about Buckingham palace. We have learnt more about the Queen and what she does and what she wears. One thing she wears is a crown. We decided we wanted to make our own crowns. When thinking about how to decorate our crowns, some of us decided to create a pattern on our crown. We could then say the rule of our repeating pattern.

To know more about where things are in London, we have begun to look at maps. We have looked at lots of different examples of maps and talked about why they are important and how they can be used. Some of us then had a go at creating our own maps.

We have also begun to think about positional language. This week we played a great game using a grid and different objects. The princess had to find the prince, by going from one side to the other by moving around the maze in different ways. We could start to say how she was moving around each point, for example under the bridge.
Some of us had so much fun with this, we decided to make a large obstacle course outside.





What a busy and great week we have had!