This week in Team Nursery we have been reading the story of ‘The Everywhere Bear’ about a bear who gets lost and travels to many different places in his local area  whilst trying to find his way back home. To help find the everywhere bear we made missing posters for him, making sure we included all of the important information such as his name and a description of what he looks like. Some of us also created pictures of the Everywhere Bear using water colour paints. We made sure to think about the colours we would need. 

This week, like Everywhere Bear we have also been learning more about where we live and our local area. Our class bear and his friend went on some adventures around Fulham and we had great fun looking at the pictures they took and talking about where they visited. He was very busy and visited the local train station, our local Sainsburys, the park and even our  school!


Some of us then decided we wanted to make our local area in the construction area; we made our houses, our school and even Gambados. 








This week we are so proud as we are becoming a lot more confident at writing our names. Some of us are even beginning to segment and blend short words to write all by ourselves using our phonics knowledge. 

We have also had a lot of fun outside. In the sand area, some of us worked together to make the River Thames using tin foil and water- we loved watching the water flow down the tin foil a lot like a real river! We then talked about the buildings that are next to the river. Using recycled materials, we created these and placed them along the river. Can you see Big Ben, The London Eye and Tower of London?