This week we have been reading a story about going on an airplane. We thought about where we have been on holiday and what it is like to visit an airport. This is us creating an airport outside. We made sure to create a check in desk to collect our tickets and drop off our suitcases before going through the metal detector.
This is our airplane, we made sure to find our correct numbered seat and put our seat belt on before the pilot could take off! 

This week we have also begun to talk about different celebrations that some friends in team nursery celebrate. We have begun to learn more about Ramadan and the celebration of Eid. Today one of our friends brought in a calendar from home to help count down the days until some children celebrate Eid. We also read a story to help understand what Ramadan is and what people do during Ramadan. 

On Friday we had some fun taking part in Langford learning muscle morning. Here we took part in many different activities inside and outside based on a learning muscle. This is a picture of some of us giving it a go by feeling different objects we couldn’t see; some of us were a bit nervous but brave and had so much fun guessing what could be inside! 

We also developed a love of learning by trying a new game where we had to try and make a ball land on a friends hat – we found this very funny! By the end we were also becoming more confident at knowing where to throw the ball and how hard to throw it.

Our favourite was when we wore eye masks and were challenged to draw a picture even though we couldn’t see. Afterwards, we enjoyed talking to our friends about what we could see in our drawings.