We have had a great week this week! This week at Langford we had the opportunity to show off our art pieces at an art exhibition. We made different famous London buildings! Aren’t they amazing; it was great to be able to see all of the other children’s work, as well as show our family our beautiful art pieces. What famous London buildings can you see? 







As we have really enjoyed learning about famous buildings from London, some of us decided to use tap a shape in order to create them such as Big Ben and London Eye. We thought carefully about what shapes we needed and enjoyed telling our friends what we had made and how we had made it by naming the 2D shapes we used.


This week to end our topic, we have been writing letters to our family that live in our houses telling them all about what we love doing in Team Nursery. We also learnt about addresses and how everyone’s is different because of where they live. We  watched a video of what happens to our letters when we post them and how they get to our houses.  On Friday it was so exciting because we went on a class trip in our local area. We walked to our local post box and each posted our letters; we cant wait for them to arrive home!


After going to the post box we then went to Pineapple park as it was such nice weather! We ate our snack together, before going in the playground. We had an amazing time playing on the slide, swings and sand as well as with our friends.