This week we have started our new topic of ‘ Transport’.  We have had so much fun sharing our holiday projects where we made different models of transport using a mix of materials. We are becoming a lot more confident at talking in front of our friends about how we made our models and are really proud of what we made. They are now hanging up in our classroom for everyone to see.

This is our bus in our role play area; doesn’t it look cool! We have been waiting patiently at the bus stop for our number bus before remembering to tap our oyster card as we get on! We have been thinking about where we want to get off before pressing the bell so the driver knows we want to get off!!

We have had so much fun outside this week. We have been singing ‘ the wheels on the bus’ and used the musical instruments to think about the different sounds that are in the song. We decided to use a triangle for the bell on the bus and the cymbals for the babies crying on the bus because its very loud!  
This is some of us playing tennis together. We are really enjoying playing together where we are practicing how to use the racket correctly to serve and hit the ball to a friend. We have even started to build a net using the blocks, to begin to know how far to hit it to a friend. 

We have also been having a great time in the mud kitchen. We have been following along with some recipes where we followed the instructions carefully to make chocolate cakes. We have even started to make our own recipes where we have been writing down how many scoops of mud we are using, how much water we need and how many sticks we collected. Our friends have been loving coming to buy treats!What a great first week back!