We have had a very busy and exciting week this week! We have continued to read the naughty bus and decided to do an experiment just like the naughty bus. We looked at different materials and tested whether the bus would stop or go through it as the bus travelled down the ramp. It was great fun to predict before testing if we were right!

We also had a visit from the naughty bus in team nursery! He was so naughty and made our room so messy. We then enjoyed writing our own story of the naughty bus where we added new characters and new ideas of what he could get up to! Our book is now in our reading area for other people to read!

This week we found a snail! We were very careful with it and enjoyed watching and drawing it by looking at what we could see! We thought about what it would need to survive and made sure it had leaves and water. We then put it back into a safe place where it could find its home.

This week we played a game. We had to roll the dice and find the right amount of people to fit in the bus. We then checked to see who had the most people on the bus, It was so much fun! Some of us even had a go at writing the number to match.

We are really enjoying learning new sounds in phonics. We especially like using them to begin to read short words such as mat.