We have had a fantastic week in Team Nursery. With the nice weather we have especially enjoyed learning outside. This is some of us playing football outside. We really thought about what direction and how hard to kick the ball. We had great fun working as a team to pass the ball to each other. We also made sure to keep track of our scores by making marks.

We made an obstacle course outside. We loved added new parts in order to make it more tricky such as a ramp and beams to balance. We have been using positional language to talk about what we are doing as we went around!

We have enjoyed playing and making in the mud kitchen. Here we are making ice cream. We talked about how much of each ingredient we needed to make it. We then used sticks and leaves to pay for it, counting to check we had enough.

We have been busy creating at the art table. This is a watch and a telephone some of us decided to make. We are getting more confident at writing our numbers.






We have begun to problem solve in maths. We helped to share out sweets for our class teddies, where we really had to think about if it was fair and how we could make it fair.