This week we took part in our very own sharing assembly! We did this in front of the whole school and our families. We told them all about what we have learnt in team nursery. We were so brave as we each shared some of our learning. We also sang some songs with actions! Everyone thought it was amazing and gave us a big clap at the end- we had so much fun and were very proud of ourselves! This is a picture of one of the t shirts we made to wear for our show, showing a bus which is linked to our topic of transport we have focused on this year.  Doesn’t it look amazing?! 


This week was our last session with the Chelsea Football coaches. We have had so much fun learning how to control the ball and gain more confidence at kicking the ball at a target, thinking carefully about where to kick it and how hard we need to kick it! 


This is some of us creating picture frames outside using sticks. We had to think about the size of the sticks we needed to use in order to make a square; it was fun looking around outside to find what we needed. They look great outside displaying our art work we create outside. 


We also took part in Victorian day. We all dressed up in special clothes and took part in different activities as the Victorians did! It was very strange because the boys and girls were not allowed to be together. The boys played outside; running, playing with hoops and exploring, whilst the girls stayed inside sewing, drawing and learning to walk like a lady. It was great to talk about what we all did after.