Nursery has started for some of us and we are so excited! We have been happy and confident to start this new adventure. We have met new friends and have been learning their names and playing with them.

We have been busy exploring our classroom so we can find out where things are and the different activities we like to do.

We have enjoyed role playing in the home corner where we have been cooking and looking after the babies. We have also had great fun learning how to play new games at the maths table like dominos.

We have also really enjoyed creating on the art table where we have used tools such as glue and scissors to make our art. We have been able to start to talk about what we have made.








We have especially enjoyed playing outside where we have been playing lots of group games such as throwing and catching as well as hide and seek. This is a friend counting to 20 before going to find their friends.

We are also trying out new things such as climbing on the climbing frame.

We can’t wait to have the rest of our friends join us next week!