This week everyone has now joined team nursery and we have had a great week getting to know all of our new friends!

This week we have been learning more about our bodies. We worked as a team to label a friend in team nursery!

We have also started to talk about germs and what they are and what they can do to us. We talked about the importance of washing our hands to make sure we wash off the germs. We made our own germs to hang up in the toilets so we remember to wash our hands. We have some funny looking germs!

In the home corner we have also been talking about how we can look after the babies so they are nice and clean and have been fed.

We especially enjoyed making ourselves with the playdough. We used different resources to create our bodies and could talk about the different parts we had made.

Though it has been a bit wet we didn’t let that stop us from having fun outside.
As we are learning about the body we have played a game outside where we had to put our hands or feet in a certain coloured hoop as quickly as possible.

We are also becoming more confident at using the construction blocks safely. Here is a big tower some of us helped to make and a bridge we made using different materials.









As we are all still getting to know each other, we also made sure to play some circle games where we had a chance to introduce ourselves and learn our friends names.