We have had a great week in team nursery this week!

This is us playing in the big playground. We had a chance to take it in turns to ride a bike. We enjoyed following the markings and could stop and wait for each other to go at the traffic lights.

We also had the chance to use the large climbing frame where we could begin to swing, climb and balance; it was so much fun!

This week we are still learning more about our story of the three little pigs. We have really liked the pig from the story. Just like in the story, we did an experiment to see what objects would blow over and what ones wouldn’t. We had the best time as we got to predict what we thought might happen before testing out what would happen. We started to think about different materials that are strong.

 Children used pipettes to squeeze watercolours onto paper before using straws to blow the colour across page to see what happened and what patterns they could create. They looked amazing!

As we know the story so well now, we have really enjoyed retelling it. We have been constructing houses out of straw, sticks and bricks before taking on the roles of different characters to act out the story. We especially liked saying key phrases such as ‘ not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin’.

This is us playing in the discovery area. Using spades we moved leaves and sticks to see if we could find any insects. We then used magnifying glasses to describe what we found.