We have had so much fun this week!

We got to do something new and exciting as we used sparklers to celebrate bonfire night. Everyone was very good at adapting to something new as nursery joined team reception to use the sparklers. Everyone was able to sit and follow instructions intently in order to know what to do. They were also patient in waiting for their turn. Although some of them were a little unsure, everyone did a great job at giving it a go. They all showed a great understanding of how to use the sparklers safely, remembering where to hold the sparkler and how to move it so it didn’t hurt them or a friend. We had great fun at using the sparklers to make circles and zig zags and also begin to make marks for some of the letters in our name.

Afterwards we enjoyed creating  pictures using chalk and glitter.

We are very interested in numerals in our environment. Some of us enjoyed finding different numbers in the sand before practicing writing the numeral in the sand with paintbrushes.

This week we have begun to think about different materials and what they are like. This is some of us looking around outside to find materials that are hard or soft. We enjoyed talking about how we know they are hard or soft. We then made marks to keep track of what we have found.

When outside, some of us found a worm. Together we all looked at the worm closely and talked about what we could see. We then made observation pictures of them, thinking closely about its features!

This week we have started a new Traditional Tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We have had a great time getting to know the story. We have begun to retell the story in our home corner. This is a scene we made for our home corner using different materials.

This is some of us creating an obstacle course outside. We worked together in order to think about how we wanted to help red riding hood to get from one end to the other without being caught by the wolf. We then used planks, blocks and crates to create it to go over, under and on.

We can’t wait to continue reading Little Red Riding Hood next week.