This week we have been reading little red riding hood for a second week.

In our story, red riding hood takes a basket of fruit to granny who is sick. This week we have been making our very own baskets. This is some of us making our own baskets. We really thought what a basket should have such as a handle and sides so good doesn’t fall out. We also thought carefully about what material would be best to use so it is strong. We were all very good at beginning to discuss our ideas!

We know our story so well now, that this week some of us worked together to put on a show where we retold the story! We thought really carefully about what we might say and how we would say it! It was so fun.

We have loved learning more about the different characters from our story. On Thursday, we did some hot seating. Some of us pretended to be a character from the story while we asked them questions as the character. This is little red riding hood when asked if she would speak to the wolf again she said, “ No cause then he will know I am going to granny’s and that’s bad”.

In maths, we have been beginning to look at and recognising different amounts in different ways. This is some of us seeing how many chocolate chips were in each cookie before matching it to the correct numeral. Some of us could recognise that there were different ways of making the same amount in the cookies. Some of us even liked showing the amount we had found on our fingers!

This is us playing a new group game together it was so much fun! We had to listen for our animal before running from one side of the playground to the other without Miss Tuttle who was the octopus catching us. We were learning to take turns and begin to understand that we can congratulate those who win.

We can’t wait for next week when we are reading a new story!