This week team nursery did something for the first time! We visited the library in our school. We listened really carefully about how to be safe travelling up the stairs. On our way we all tried very hard to use one foot per step on the stairs. We all had an amazing time in the library and were so excited to choose our own books. We then began to read them ourselves by looking at the pictures. We are looking forward to showing our family the books we chose.

This week we have been reading the story of the gingerbread man! We thought about if we liked this story and decided it was very funny as the gingerbread man gets chased by lots of different characters.Just like in our story, we decided to create our own gingerbread men. We worked in groups where we listened to instructions about what to do before having a turn to help put in the ingredients and mix it together. We especially liked using the cutters to make the gingerbread man shape.

Before we could eat them we decorated them using icing and different shapes. We liked talking about what parts we included eg buttons, eyes and a mouth.

We then sat as a group to eat our gingerbread man; everyone thought they were delicious. We had so much fun!

We have been learning more about positional language. This is some of us using bears and a box to think about where something can be placed. We had to put the bear on the box, under the box and on the box. Outside, some of us then worked together to help the gingerbread man escape by travelling to different areas of our playground. We thought about where the gingerbread man was going and began to say where he was, eg on the fence and in the box.

We have been thinking about what different characters in our story might say. We have had a great week taking on the role of these characters and pretending to be them. We used an iPad to record ourselves. We had to choose a character and think about what they would say and how before recording ourselves as them! We had some great ideas and used some funny voices. It was great to share them as a whole group to see if we could guess who was who!

We had a talk about why the gingerbread needed the help of the Fox. We began to think about objects and whether they sink or float. We did an experiment to begin to see what happens, where we thought about different materials and their shape.On Friday some of us decided to test this  further, by making boats. We thought carefully about the shape and what material we needed to make sure it floats. We then put them into the water to see if they would sink or float! Don’t they look amazing!