This week we have been focusing on our last book within our topic of traditional tales! we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

This week like Jack, we each got some beans. We talked about what they need to help them grow. We then each got a cup and some cotton wool, where we put our seeds in. We then made sure to add water. We have been watering them and checking them everyday to see if they are growing.

We were very interested in the castle at the top of the beanstalk. We decided to make our own castle! We talked about the things castles have such as a door and windows and chairs. Together we then thought about the shape of the castle and how big it needed to be to fit everyone in! We had great fun acting out the story; especially when the giant comes along!
Here, some friends are helping Jack order the leaves on his beanstalk, before reading the number and beginning to collect the right amount of beans to match. We worked together to count, making sure to check we had the right amount!

This is some friends working together in order to create ramps for their cars to race. They thought about the shape of the block that would work best to make their cars go down faster, testing and saying which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

This is Tiger Teddy. He lives in team nursery. Every weekend he goes home with a new friend from nursery to have special adventures! On Monday he comes back and with his friend, tells us what they have been up to together. We love listening to what everyone gets up to and can’t wait for it to be our weekend with Tiger Teddy.


We cant wait to start our new topic next week!