We have had so much fun learning about 2D shapes! We worked together to match the shapes to the shape monsters as we got to know the name of the shapes and think about what they look like. This is some of us during our shape hunt we then did outside! We found lots of different shapes together and are getting more confident at naming them.

This is some of us doing some leaf printing. We found leaves outside before painting them and pressing them onto the paper. We then talked about what happened. We used our leaves to make a reef on our classroom door. Doesn’t it look lovely!

This week we received a letter from the jolly postman. He told us he is busy delivering letters and told us if we wrote a letter he would deliver it. This is our post box. We have been busy writing letters for the jolly postman to deliver. We remembered to write who it was to and added a stamp!

This is some of us having a go at writing numerals to match the amount of dinosaurs we had counted out.

We made sure to water our seeds everyday and have loved seeing them grow. We liked talking about the different things we noticed before we began to talk about the different parts of a plant such as the roots and leaf.

This week we learnt another group game of duck duck goose. We listened really carefully for how to play. We had great fun taking it in turns to choose a friend to chase us. We tried really hard to run fast so we didn’t get caught!